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Our business started in 1975 in Bangladesh in the leather sector through the birth of Apex Tannery Limited, still the largest and leading leather exporter from Bangladesh. Our founder and Group Chairman, Syed Manzur Elahi decided to use his early experiences working for a reputed MNC as an entrepreneur in a war ravaged economy and as the story goes, we have not looked back since. Today Syed Manzur Elahi Enterprises comprises of the following diversified businesses, from manufacturing to services, both for local and global markets.

Apex Tannery Limited (ATL)

The leading manufacturer and exporter of finished and crust leather from Bangladesh to major leather product manufacturers in China, Japan and Italy with annual export revenues of USD 37 million in 2010-2011, comprising almost 15% of the total export earnings from leather of Bangladesh. ATL pioneered the export of value added crust and finished leather from Bangladesh as well as accessing capital markets for growth. ATL introduced the first convertible debenture in Bangladesh and has been publicly traded since 1986. ATL currently employs 655 persons, is professionally managed and is fully compliant with Corporate Governance Compliance Report under Section 2CC of the Securities & Exchange Commission Notification Order. ATL is also the first tannery in Bangladesh to be ISO 9001-2000 certified.

Apex Footwear Limited

The leading manufacturer and exporter of leather footwear from Bangladesh to major shoe retailers in Western Europe, North America and Japan, with estimated annual revenues of USD 110 million in 2011. AFL pioneered the export of value added finished product export in the leather sector of Bangladesh and is also involved in the local footwear retail business with the fastest growing shoe retail network in the country. AFL has strategic, technical and marketing partnerships with leading European companies. Publicly listed and traded since 1993, AFL is professionally managed, currently employs over 7000 persons and is fully compliant with Corporate Governance Compliance Report under Section 2CC of the Securities & Exchange Commission Notification Order.

Grey Advertising Bangladesh Limited (GABL)

The first joint venture international full service advertising agency to set up in Bangladesh 12 years ago, GABL is today the largest stand alone agency in Bangladesh with capitalized billings of USD 8 million in 2011. GABL has built up market leadership position in the industry thanks to the 51 young and talented professionals that make up GABL, and has won an unprecedented 4 years in a row (2003-2007) Agency of the Year Award, at the Srijan Samman Awards for all Bengali advertising work done in India and Bangladesh. In addition work done for its portfolio of local as well as multinational corporates has won innumerable local and international awards and accolades. GABL today is a member of the Grey Global Group owned by WPP and SOX compliant.

Quantum Consumers Solution Bangladesh Limited (QCSBL)

Quantum Consumers Solution Bangladesh Limited (QCSBL), a joint venture between Quantum Market Research Private Ltd of India and Apex Enterprises Ltd a Bangladeshi company, is the leading specialized qualitative market research agency in Bangladesh which provides research services to multi-national and local manufacturers and service providers in and outside Bangladesh. Its strong strategic link with its parent company Quantum Market Research Private Ltd, India (operating in the South Asian and Asia-Pacific region) has also facilitated effective and continuous knowledge transfer at a sub-continent, regional and global level. Besides market research, QMRBL also provides effective service in qualitative social & development research to a number of local organizations and development partners. Since its inception in June 2004, QMRBL has conducted more than 500 studies in the areas of consumer psyche, brand development, communication, human resources development, social and organizational development and production practices. QMRBL employs 20 expert researchers and 5 supporting staff as permanent employees along with 90 field staff who work on a contract-basis.

Blue Ocean Footwear Limited (BOFL)

Blue Ocean Footwear Limited (B0FL) is a joint venture between Apex Enterprise Limited and Green Ocean International Limited that aims to be a leading manufacturer and exporter of fashionable leather footwear from Bangladesh. The Sponsors of Blue Ocean have between them more than 36 years of shoe production experience – with Apex being at the forefront of the footwear export sector in Bangladesh for over two decades, and Green Ocean making its mark internationally with annual exports of more than 10 million pairs through its operations in Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and now Bangladesh. The company's custom built state of the art factory is fully compliant with industry best standards and practices. In its first phase the factory has two floors with a combined area of over 17,400 square meters and is fast approaching maximum capacity utilization . The second phase of expansion will see additional two floors to bring the total built up area to over 33,300 square meters. In the coming years, Blue Ocean projects to create 4000 new jobs in the footwear industry.

Apex Pharma's Vision


To have highly trained and knowledge based professionals, who will be recognized and admired by its customers, competitors and partners.


To make available the highest standard, cost effective and safe medicines.


To become a global centre of excellence for pharmaceutical manufacturing and this will be achieved by further investing in infrastructure to obtain export accreditations such as UK MHRA, Australian TGA and US FDA


To partner with multinational companies to ensure the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies to launch the latest products.


To become a top 10 pharmaceutical manufacturers in Bangladesh within the short possible time..

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