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Winspa ®
Dicycloverine HCl

Dicycloverine Hydrochloride

WINSPA (Dicycloverine Hydrochloride) is indicated in : •Functional bowel/irritable bowel syndrome •Spasm of gastrointestinal tract and genito-urinary tract •Colic of intestinal and menstrual (Dysmenorrhea) •Infantile colic •Urinary incontinence due to detrusor muscle overactivity •Diverticulitis/Diverticulosis •Persistent anal fissure with associated spasm of the internal sphincter longines replica watches

Dosage and administration:
Dosage should be individualized according to the needs and the response of the patient. Adults :10 mg (1 tab/5 ml) to 20 mg (2 tab/10 ml) 3-4 times a day. Children over 6 months :5 mg (2.5 ml) to 10 mg (5 ml) 3 times a day.Depending upon the patients response dose can be increased up to total 160 mg per day in equally divided doses.

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