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Irof-BC ®
Iron+Folic Acid+Vitamin B-Complex+Vitamin C
Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Iron+Folic Acid+Vitamin B-Complex+Vitamin C

IROF-BC is used • for the treatment and prophylaxis of iron, folic acid, vitamin B-complex and vitamin C deficiency • for the treatment and prevention of iron deficiency anemia • to meet the extra needs of iron and vitamins during pregnancy and lactation • to reduced the risk of certain pregnancy complication and birth defect like preeclamsia, neural tube defect, weak placenta & placental vascular bed, low birth weight/premature infant delivery or preterm delivery

Dosage and administration:
One IROF-BC capsule once daily. In more severe cases two IROF-BC capsules a day may be required or as directed by the Physician.

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