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Ribaplex ®
Vitamin B-Complex
Vitamin & Mineral Supplement

Vitamin B-Complex

Ribaplex (Vitamin B-complex) is used • To prevent Vitamin B-complex deficiency in people who don't get enough from their diets or people on restricted diet • To treat Vitamin B-complex deficiency conditions such as beriberi, oral lesions (glossitis, angular stomatitis, sore-throat),cracks and sores, seborrheic dermatitis, cataracts, weakness,fatigue, anemia, pellagra, depressed immunity, convulsions • To prevent Vitamin B-complex deficiency in the states where body's storage of Vitamin B-complex is depleted such as smoking, alcoholic beverages, prolonged antibiotic therapy,diuretic therapy, prolonged or wasting diseases, diabetes • To fulfill the increased requirement of Vitamin B-complex of growing-children, pregnant and lactating mother • For the management of convalescence, in stress condition and help relieve depression & anxiety • For the maintenance of normal appetite, especially in anorexic condition

Dosage and administration:
Doses for the treatment of B-complex deficiency conditions : Adults & Children : 5 ml-10 ml Ribaplex syrup three times daily or as directed by the Physician. Infants:5 ml Ribaplex syrup once daily or as directed by the Physician. Doses for the prevention of B-complex deficiency : Adults & Children:5 ml-10 ml Ribaplex syrup daily Infants: as directed by the Physician.

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